Functional Training at Oak Ridge Gym

Functional training at the National Fitness Center in Oak Ridge primes your muscles and joints to work together for maximum efficiency without strain or injury. Think of the lugging, lifting, twisting and stretching you perform every day as part of your household or work routine. Functional training strengthens your core and improves balance, stability and flexibility.

Trainers at our Oak Ridge gym utilize two programs to help you achieve success:

  • P90X (Power 90 Extreme) – challenge your body with this fat-burning workout that develops your muscles and charges your metabolism
  • Insanity – a total body-conditioning workout that utilizes max interval training, cardio, plyometrics and resistance. Instructors are Beachbody certified.

Functional training is ideal for any physical fitness program and weight loss solution! Check it out with a free, 3-day pass, or call our health club at (865) 483-6868 to learn more.