Ages 5-12 Years can Enjoy Summer Camp in Oak Ridge TN!

For action-packed fun that will keep your kids busy over the summer break, register them for the summer camps at the National Fitness Center in Oak Ridge. Ages 5-12 years are invited to participate in fun activities that teach fitness, safety, science, and art:

  • Weird Science offers science-themed games and activities
  • Swim Camp offers aquatic games and activities by CPR certified coaches
  • Karate Camp teaches basic stances, blocks, discipline, and respect
  • CSI: NFC explores evidence collection and crime-solving through activities and games.
  • NFC Olympians offers a week of Olympic sports and activities
  • Mythbusters explores questions that puzzle the mind. Campers will experiment through to find fact or fiction.


Call our Oak Ridge health club at (865) 483-6868 for more information about weekly camps, fees, and enrollment or email Cassie Walker, Children’s Activity Director, at [email protected].